domingo, 21 de enero de 2007

Welcome to Tapped In Org.

Welcome to Tapped In Org.
The Online Workplace of an International Community of Education

Alfredo Ascanio (askain)

Tapped In is the online workplace of an international community of education professionals. Please see:

  • K-12 teachers and librarians, professional development staff, teacher education faculty and students, and researchers engage in professional program and informal collaborative activities with colleagues.

    Tapped In Virtual Campus has 13 educational communities in a same front page or place. The communities are: 1) Teachers for a New Era Community of professional educators. A Project funded by the Carnegie Corporation, The Ford Foundation, and the Annenberg Foundation. One of its goals: the continued support of novice educators making the transition into their first year of teaching. Boston Collage Stanford University, the University of Connecticut and University of Virginia have joined together to host this community.

    2) National Affiliate Learning Communities (NSBA). 3) Teac hade of Events. 4) Schools of Education Faculty and California Lutheran University (CLU). 5) Center Teaching Quality in the Classroom and Interactive Virtual Learning Environment support of Bellsouth Foundation. 6) Educational Technology Support Services of Alameda County Educational Community. The goals: Online courses, conferences and mentor. 7) Papperdine Programs University. Educational Technology Community (OMET). Please see: 8) NETTS Events. 9) Guest Calendar Library and Tapped In Peoples. 10) Teachers Learning in Networked Communities of Seattle Public Schools, University of Washington, Memphis Public Schools, University of Colorado, Denver & Jefferson Public Schools. Support of The Microsoft Corporation. 11) Azusa Pacific University. Education Technology Degree. 12) Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS). Schools Professionals Revitalizing Online (PRO and 13) Council of 500 Independent Colleges (CIC) support of the Microsoft Corporation and the program: Teachers for the 21st Century.

    Each one of the professors who we comprised of this educator’s community we have our own virtual office, where we can raise out files, to have links, do discussion and we counted on a Whiteboard and a place to make Chat. The educators can accede to the groups, to read the messages, to publish its buddies, to change its personnel setting and to participate in the online courses and conferences.

    A few years ago Alfred Ascanio (askain), a 65-year-old former researcher at the University Simon Bolivar (Caracas-Venezuela), created at Tapped In a peer-to peer file-sharing a program of evaluation of investment projects that their students can use to over the Internet.

    “I am convinced that these tools in Internet are the future for being able to be related to the students and to complement therefore the classes in the University,” says Ascanio professor in Tapped In. Please see:

    "Tapped In is my favorite space because their services are innovative. I do not like to interact with stereotypical professors. Eventually I think to new education will win " says Ascanio. “I have had many satisfactions when knowing interesting professors and researcher. I have attended his online courses and to his conferences and I can assure that I have benefited from its knowledge and suggestions”.