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Time Travel on the Wayback Machine

Time Travel on the Wayback Machine
With the Internet Archive, search in the 4th dimension

Alfredo Ascanio (askain)

The institutions hold their memories in libraries. For example, the Library of Congress in Washington, DC is very important for the volume of its records and books.

But now in this century there is a vast library that gives us Google, Yahoo and other companies that have been born with Internet.

The world learned for the first time the Web 2.0 and blogs, wikis and other social spaces, in these digital sites many people have written their own stories and the new citizen journalists are participating actively in journals such as OhmyNews, Citizenxpress.

The most dramatic news today on this issue is the new Google services: Internet Archive Wayback Machine. This service will revolutionize the history of preserving what has been written on the Web for other generations.

What is the Internet Archive Wayback Machine? Google says:

"The original idea for the Internet Archive Wayback Machine began in 1996, when the Internet Archive first began archiving the web. Now, five years later, with over 100 terabytes and a dozen web crawls completed, the Internet Archive has made the Internet Archive Wayback Machine available to the public. The Internet Archive has relied on donations of web crawls, technology, and expertise from Alexa Internet and others. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine is owned and operated by the Internet Archive."

The idea is so spectacular that the tool: Allows you to search for “2 petabytes of data and is currently growing at a rate of 20 terabytes per month. This eclipses the amount of text contained in the world's largest libraries, including the Library of Congress”, said the designer of the service.

“Imagine surfing circa 1999 and looking at all the Y2K hype, or revisiting an older version of your favorite Web site”. It is one of the promises of this new service.

Google is celebrating its tenth anniversary with its new browser (Google Chrome), and with this new search engine (the vast archive of the Net).

The service is already available and, thanks to the Machine, you can read and hear many events since 2001 when you click on the link:

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