sábado, 17 de junio de 2006

Ten Steps to Professional Blogging

For too many months now, I've been hearing too many people say that you can't make money blogging. That it's futile. That only a-listers can make money blogging. It's frustrating for me to hear that because there's a big opportunity here for people to make some real money. This is the beginning of an e-book on making money thru blogging. I will enumerate the 10 steps that'll lead you to blogging success.

Let me start by telling you this isn't gonna make you a millionaire, nor is it a get rich quick scheme of any sorts. This is a process, that if followed, make it easy to pocket a little money doing something that is fun. How much can you make blogging? That's entirely up to you. I suggest starting off by blogging one half hour per day. Then as you see money coming in thru your blog, slowly increase the amount of time you spend blogging. I'm currently blogging several hours per day, even weekends.
Por R.Charles Moria.

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