lunes, 9 de octubre de 2006

Mi visita a Tappedin y el regalo de un evento educativo

today I was at the Virtual Community Tappedin. I had time that me not that stupendous and original place digitized approached, where I have my virtual office. Therefore I was here and this is the surprise: Tappedin gave me this link that I share with you.

Hoy estuve visitanto la Comunidad Virtual Tappedin. Tenía tiempo que no me acercaba a ese estupendo y original lugar digitalizado donde incluso yo mismo tengo allí mi cubículo u oficina de profesor del ciberespacio. Pues volver alli fue una sorpresa porque me regalaron este enlace que comparto con ustedes:


  • El asunto tiene que ver con la educación. O como ellos mismos dicen:

    We believe showcasing highly innovative people using affordable technology with exceptional skills will accelerate the outcome their work.

    They are the choir. The purpose of Global Learn Day is to help ensure they sing to a wide, wide audience.

    Global Learn Day Ten will focus on five topic areas

    * e-learning for Kids
    * e-learning and e-training for Adults
    * English as a Second Language
    * Tools for the Challenged
    * Tools and Tips for Virtual Events

    As always, the Global Learn Day will open in the South Pacific, where the planet begins the new day. Then it will travel west to Hawaii, "the long way around". It will feature the best and brightest from 24 time zones with loads and loads of audience participation.

    Incluso lo quiero complementar con ete otro enlace del mismo asunto:
  • BEN-300

  • En este enlace aparecen todos los expertos en educación que participaron en el evento on-line.

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