sábado, 14 de febrero de 2009

ACADEMIC MATTERS: La Revue d enseignement superieur

El contenido de esta Revista que viene de la Universidad de Toronto es como sigue: ethnobiologist, public policy, justice, fiction, reading, humour, editorial.

This issue of Academic Matters looks at the relationship between the university and the community, the many ways
universities engage and affect their communities economically, culturally, educationally, socially, and politically. her university’s Learning Exchange has created a new community.

The University of Toronto’s Janice Gross Stein argues the university has two fundamental civic obligations. One is to help students become good citizens. The second is to create the public space citizens need to debate issues.

In embracing collaborative research and writing, we attend to the very nature of the research process as a critical activity,
asking after education theorist Robin Usher: “What are we doing when we do research?”, “Who do we become through this
practice?”, and “What counts as research?” Cognizant that much of the work on which we at first draw is produced by intellectually-rigourous and esteemed disciplinarians, we find a certain energy in interdisciplinarity. For us, unfolding a historical phenomenon to see where it will take us and

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