jueves, 11 de junio de 2009

Why we tweet

Why we tweet
Alfredo Ascanio (desde Houston-Texas)

We're now big fans of twitter,the social-networking that we recently adopted with a degree of enthusiasm that surprises our friends. But the fact is, over the past few months,we've come to love twitter.

Indeed,if twitter continues to expand at its current rate,it may well become a high-value way for companies to help brand themselves and microtarget consumer groups as well as another tool for managers to interact with their people,and vice versa.

But twitter's business potencial doen't explain why we tap away in 140-character bursts every so often.

In fact,one of us (that would be @askain2 in the twitter lingo)started tweeting for good old-fashioned marketing purposes.Askain had a book coming out,about hotel evaluation projects.This book proved to be excellent advice. Best of all, for me, twitter helps you test-and improve-your ideas.

We tweet,to feel more conected in a disconnected world and to communicate with people with interest about my books,blogs and wikis.

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