viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2007

Tesis doctoral de Arquitectura y Urbanismo

La tesis que aparece arriba es del Brasil y se denomina: Operación Urbana en San Pablo: interés público o interés especulativo. Un resumen en idioma inglés nos señala lo siguiente:

The urban operations legal instrument was defined by the Brazilian federal urban development law (Statute of the City ? Estatuto da Cidade) as an instrument of urban policy that allows the local public administration, through partnerships with the private sector to accomplish structural changes on specific urban areas. The urban operations were proposed in São Paulo as an instrument of urban planning in a master plan project of 1985, starting then a course that includes different interpretations and ways of application. This work reconstitutes this trajectory from the first formulations of the instrument till the year 2000, the period that comprises its early designs and that was before the Statute of the City promulgation. Five urban operations proposed in this period were analyzed and compared in connection with three articulated processes: urbanization, property and institutional. Based on the accomplished analyses, it is argued that the urban operations as they were developed in São Paulo during this period followed the rules of the real state entrepreneurship logic and in doing so contributed to the speculative construction of place process. In order that the urban operations have an active role as a public policy instrument to a more just city it will be necessary to change its own constitutive basis and the operative processes of public-private partnership in its conception and origin.

(Universidade de São Paulo. )

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