martes, 24 de marzo de 2009

Acquire the characteristics an effective communicator and leaders

The TIPS for a effective communicator are:
1.Become more pragmatic: always think in terms of the results
2.Become more aware of everything,people, things,and ideas
3.Become more subtle: a good communicator is as careful about WHAT he tells as HOW he tells it
4.Become less egocentric: a good communicator cannot afford the egocentric luxuries
5.Become more realistic: when you are a true realist you become more valuable to the orgnization
6.Be positive: most things can be done
7.Learn self control: control own attitudes and reactions
8.Develop empathy: a true understanding of what it means is essential to good communicating
9.Never communicate from a weak position
10.Become a multidimensional thinker
11.Become really practical
12.Become an opportunist
13.Become an organized thinker
14.Develop personal style
15.Develop your courage
16.Become highly and properly motivated
17.Use things as they are
18.Know thyself: you must decide what your true objective are
19.Learn to walk alone: make alliances only when necessary,and carefully
20.Develop your image
21.Learn how to break rules: learn the real difference between right and wrong
22.Learn how to concentrate: make the difference between superficial and really effective performance
23.Lear to compartmentalize your thinking
24.Keep reserve power
25.Leave yourself a loophole: never place any person in a position where they must decide against you
26.Use and practice your techniques
27.Be flexible
28.Develop your sense of humor
29.Operate with complete integrity
30.Learn how far you can go: calcule the risk against the benefits

A strange mix,yes; nor are these all of the suggestions which could be made. But they will form an ample foundation on which you can begin building your prowess as a communicator and leaders

Huye de los elogios pero trata de merecerlos

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